Saved 64% of My Income in Vancouver: April 2021

Welcome to another monthly series to share how I save 60% of my income. If you have never visited my blog before, please read this post first ‘How I save 60 percent of my money in Vancouver, Canada’. In this article, I will talk about some saving money tips in Canada.

FYI, I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am a First-Generation Canadian from Korea. I save 60% of my income in Vancouver. FYI, I only make 40-50k per year and the expense summary below is for me and my wife.

Expense Summary

Home Essentials$69
Personal Care$31My wife got a hair cut
Eating Out$112
Internet Plan$49
Phone Plan$41
Clothing$91I bought a clothes
Travel Fund$30
Furniture Fund$20
Family Fund$50
Misc$83Sent some parcels to Korea

I only spent $2,430 this month even though I bought a pair of pants and a T-shirt. Also, I was pretty shocked at the fact that I even spent less than March since I thought I spent too much on drinks and eating out (The weather was too perfect in Vancouver!).

I also would like to mention that I started to put aside some money for Travel, Furniture and Family. There are big events coming up this year.

Groceries and Home Essentials

I finally made a record low grocery bill this month which is $374. FYI, we normally spend $450-500 per month. What I was trying to do this month is try to stay away from WholeFoods where I spend much more money than other grocery stores. Also, I ordered some pasta, tunas and pesto from Amazon, and I found they are relatively cheaper than offline grocery stores!

These are my new favorite from Amazon

Eating Out and Drinks

We couldn’t resist eating out this month. The weather was just perfect in Vancouver where I live, so I went to a park many times with my wife. I could have spent more, but I managed to spend $112 since we are only allowed to take-out or delivery.

We little overspent on drinks this month. We normally spend $30 per month, but as I mentioned earlier the weather was just perfect for a bottle of beer!

Internet and Phone Plan

As I mentioned in the previous post, we pay $49 for Shaw 300. As for the Phone plan, I use Shaw mobile ($28) and my wife is with Public Mobile ($13). I pay $15 more than my wife since I recently bought a new phone which is the iPhone 11.


It has been a while since I bought some clothes. I needed a pair of pants and a T-shirt for summer. I usually go to a vintage shop or thrift store, but I am having a hard time finding good quality clothes there these days.

One of my friends recommend this Chinese brand and I got really interested in it. They focus on classic styles and are making high-quality products. As you may notice they are not a cheap Chinese brand.

I ordered them from Aliexpress and it has been almost a month, but I have not received them yet. This is pretty normal if you order something from Aliexpress, but I am a big fan of Aliexpress since they have a great deal and offer free shipping.



We started to set aside some money for furniture, travel and family. We are planning to move out our place in 2 years and visit Korea later this year. My wife and I talked about a better way to deal with these big events, and we came to think this idea.


I needed to send some documents to Korea, and it costed me around $70, Ugh!

Investment Summary

I happily announce that I finally started investing in Bitcoin.

I am planning to invest in cryptocurrency more in the future. Now it’s only 10% of my net worth, but It will be up to 20% by end of this year. My cryptocurrency portfolio would consist of 70% Bitcoin and 30% Etherium.

I will post more about cryptocurrency in the future. Stay tuned!



If you think you are spending too much and willing to cut your expense, please take a look at my expense summary and compared to yours.

Also, writing down all your spending at the end of the month and analyze it by category. By doing so, you will find a way to reduce your monthly expense.

Last but not least, my blog is all about saving money tips in Canada, so please subscribe my newsletter.

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