About me

Hi there, I am Frugal Money Asian, FMA.

I am a new immigrant from Korea and I currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I focus on frugal living and saving money. I have managed to save 60% of my income.

I used to live paycheque to paycheque. What’s the point of saving money when you can’t even afford a piece of a house? I did spend all the money that I earned and buy everything I wanted but was unfulfilled in my life.

That’s when I moved to Canada for a change. As soon as I got to Canada, I needed to learn money in order to survive as an immigrant.

Surprisingly enough, my life has changed after I learned about money. I realized how content it is to save money and achieve financial goals. It was something that I had never felt.

Now I have a goal in my life. I would like to reach financial independence first and retire early to live deliberately. Most of all, I am here to help those who struggle with money.

As for investment is concerned, I invest in Stock Market, Gold, Silver and Copper.